Customer Support

No, but close to. I am located in Canada so on my time zone ( Eastern standard time ) I offer support 7 days a week from 8:00AM to 11:00PM. Obviously support will not be available while on vacation, sick or away travelling.
Yes but we also offer an installation video on this site.
Your product should have been installed in your NinjaTrader 7/bin/custom directory. If not you can reinstall the software paying attention to the directory option prompt from the installation package. Browse to your NinjaTrader 7/bin/custom folder from the root Documents folder for your target directory.
Three easy steps : click on the download link or button from this web site. Follow instructions. After installation completes : From Ninja Trader File --> Utilities --> Import NinjaScript.
First remove your actual version. From NinjaTrader File --> Utilities --> Remove NinjaScript Assembly. Delete also your product from the following folder : My Documents\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom. Finally from Windows Control Panel. Remove program (if your product is there...)
If you have downloaded a free trial you do not have to reinstall the product again. If you did not download the free trial version just download the software as a free trial. In both cases I will need your MachineID to set up your license. From NinjaTrader --> help --> 3rd party licensing. As vendor name put: CoderForTraders. Enter a user defined ID that will be only you (an identifying suffix to append to your MachineID). Please provide us with the newly generated MachineID after you press the submit button.