CoderForTraders has been formed in 2010 and its mission is to help reduce the trading learning curve for traders, by developping good, sound products as well as offering you coding services so that your trading ideas can be brought up to the trading field.


Actually we offer 4 trading products for NinjaTrader. Most of them are related to Market Profile and Footprint technologies. This is in what we strongly believe.

These products are tools that we think could help you tremendously in your day to day trading. We are strong believers of volume analysis and most of our products are based on volume trading.

Coding services

Our coding services is in NinjaTrader C#. We code indicators and strategies. If you don't have the skills required to develop your trading ideas then Coder for traders is for you !


Finally we are also very passionate about trading education. That's why we are offering an educational blog about how to use our products for maximum efficiency.

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Meet the Owner

Bernard Larouche, CEO.

Bernard Larouche has more than 24 years trading experience. Mr.Larouche started working for a big pension fund in 1990 in Montreal , Canada.

He left the firm in 1993 to trade his own money at the Montreal Futures Exchange in 1993.

In 1997 Mr.Larouche started his own CTA firm and he also worked for the futures department of a Montreal-based Bank.
During all those years coding trading strategies and indicators was also part of his daily routine.

Mr. Larouche has earned a Master degree in Finance from the University of Quebec in Montreal in 1990 and he is a CFA since 1992.